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I'm Red! I'm a self taught 3D Artist and Game Dev. I've been messing with 3D since 2013
but only started doing it around 2018. Currently working as a freelancer. :3


Terms of service and guidelines are subject to change without notice.

- I only accept payments through PayPal.
- I reserve the right to keep the original file.
- I may charge extra if other services/changes/additions are requested.
- If the total payment is not done, I reserve the right to re-sell and modify it as I please.
- Commissions have no order of delivery.
- Your commission once finished will be posted to my social media,
- Once the model is delivered you'll be free to use it as you please, but you are not allowed to re-sell it.
- Nothing physical will be shipped unless stated otherwise.
- By Paying you agree that this is a digital service-based work, so you will receive a digital file through email when it's done.
- You may ask for small changes during any of the steps of the process.
- The final result may vary depending on the references/information of the character given to me at the start of the process.

-Payments can be done in two ways, all the value upfront, or split half on the delivery and start of the project.

By agreeing to commission me, you are agreeing to pay me the full amount of your commission, and that you understand and agree to all the terms stated above.

Commissions are: OPEN


A full Artwork with complex enviroment
+Up to 8K resolution


VRChat Avatar

A VRChat Avatar with all the basics
+Rig and Visemes
+Dynamic Bones (Jiggly bones) setup
+Turntable animation


Wulfo Upgrade

A modified version of the Wulfo Avatar that fits your design.

VRChat + VTuber

A VRChat Avatar with VTuber Setup.